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T H E  W C S  R E V O L U T I O N  S E R I E S  by

K A T H E R I N E  K R O K - E A S T V O L D

Katherine was the first to identify the new dance being taught and performed on social and competitive West Coast Swing dance floors. Her intensives gained acclaim and she began to write her discoveries down and release them.

Already a seasoned Champion, Judge and Studio owner, her work was accepted by the creators of the dance itself, by other swing legends in other communities and went on to be taught in studios worldwide.


Mario Robau Jr:

"Amazingly accurate points. Recognizing the differences is key to being able to understand the frustration one side has with the both directions."

Skippy Blair:

"Katherine has managed to put into print

what I have not been able to- I am not alone!"

Kelly Casanova:

"May I reprint your article for my students and distribute it in my classes?"

Jim Hull:

"Lovely, talented, vibrant..."


The WCS Revolution Series

The Two Dances in West Coast Swing Today

Telling the Truth Front Cover Only MAY 2
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Taught Internationally!

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